Accounts receivable solution - Cora ARFlow

Cora ARFlow, one of Genpact's accounts receivable solutions, is ready to help you transform your accounts receivable process. Cora ARFlow helps organizations achieve faster collections, reduced credit risk, better forecasts, sharper decisions, and more satisfied customers.

Cora ARFlow Highlights

  • 40
    reduction in past-due receivables
  • 25
    cut in days sales outstanding
  • 5
    greater collector coverage
  • Increase cash flow

    Our digital accounts receivable solution, built on Genpact Cora, helps reduce past-due receivables, bad debt reserves, and operational costs to maximize cash flow.

  • Optimize resources

    We make accounts receivable management simple. We'll help you resolve disputes faster and automate your accounts receivable process across documentation and workflows.

  • Improve collections

    The alerts manager in our accounts receivable solution automatically notifies you of changing credit exposure, portfolio performance, and customer payment behavior.

Credit risk management

Cora ARFlow automatically pulls data from credit bureaus and flags changes to relevant users, which enables line-of-credit assessments, periodic reviews, and continual credit-threshold management to process orders. With your own accounts receivables platform, you can clear disputes faster and use custom algorithms to control inventory release schedules.

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Enhanced collaboration

Our accounts receivable solutions help teams benefit from prioritized collections work lists, automated customer communications, and greater visibility into disputes so you can resolve them faster. Cora ARFlow also tracks and displays activity on user and management dashboards and measures performance and compliance against KPIs and policies.

Improved cash flow

Cora ARFlow automates the application of cash to invoices, resolves exceptions, enables predictive matching, and makes revenue forecasts more accurate. It brings intelligent algorithms to your accounts receivable process to deliver a high auto-match rate. And smart suggestions for manual cash applications make it simple to process unmatched remittances.

Streamlined invoice to cash

By automating invoice creation, Cora ARFlow enables instant payment of open invoices by customers through multiple channels like e-invoicing and a customer portal. It improves billing, collections, and cash management processes as it receives and standardizes invoice information in various formats.

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