Our focus on modernization using our microservices, data, and analytics expertise form the basis of our cloud-based products and services. Across every industry and business unit, we'll develop cloud solutions to fit your needs.

We have unique process knowledge, a vast partner ecosystem, and tailored cloud solutions to help you drive growth, transform customer and employee experiences, and develop a futureproof cloud strategy.

The most successful cloud transformations start with a strong - and secure - data strategy. Working with Genpact, leading enterprises can orchestrate people, process, data, and technology to smooth their cloud journey.

With outdated apps and infrastructure, a global energy company was facing long wait times on production lines. See how a cloud transformation focused on process redesign and modernized applications powered data-driven insights, productivity, and cost savings.


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We have cloud services and solutions that fit your needs

Genpact's cloud transformation expertise comes from running thousands of operations and processes for hundreds of large enterprises. Our multidisciplinary teams have experience in developing innovative cloud solutions, cloud migration strategies, and optimizing existing cloud environments.

Our robust partner ecosystem includes cloud leaders such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud, as well as leading software as a service (SaaS) providers. Together, we enable cloud transformation in areas such as supply chain, finance and accounting, and consumer banking.

Our cloud solutions protect data while keeping employees productive and customers connected. With a business-led approach to cloud, we help our clients achieve growth, deliver world-class customer and employee experiences, and effectively control costs.

Cloud transformation strategy

2 Products & Solutions

Cloud advisory services

Strategy and roadmaps for holistic cloud-led journeys:

· Rehosting for quick cloud migration strategies
· Replatforming to add functionality
· Rearchitecting for scalable applications and maximum impact
· Retiring to remove legacy applications
· Retaining for future consideration and reevaluation
· Repurchasing for decisions about new cloud-based applications

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Re-hosting and re-platforming services

We offer cloud engineering services to rehost or replatform existing on-premise business applications. This enables enterprises to take advantage of innovative cloud functionality and realize tangible business benefits.

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Cloud management and optimization

2 Products & Solutions

Cloud managed services

Our cloud services will help you develop and manage a bespoke cloud solution aligned to the needs of your business and nuances of your industry.

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Rearchitecting services

Our engineering services rearchitect on-premise applications for the cloud to increase customization and scalability. They leverage modern and dynamic public, private, and hybrid cloud services for maximum agility, resilience, and business impact.

Data on cloud

1 Product & Solution

Data services

Generate fast and actionable insights with cloud. We'll show you how to make the most of data integration, analytical models, and data architecture modernization.

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SaaS services

1 Product & Solution

SaaS services

We'll use our deep industry and process knowledge to design and engineer leading SaaS offerings to help your business achieve its goals.

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Composable services

2 Products & Solutions

Industry-specific cloud-based services

We work with leading cloud partners including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to help you achieve your cloud vision in record time.

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Cora composable services

Genpact's industry-specific cloud toolbox consists of cloud frameworks, accelerators, and horizontal and vertical services, which leverage the breadth and depth of our partner ecosystem.

Cloud platforms

2 Products & Solutions

Cloud ROI Calculator

We help clients build the business case for cloud. In terms of ROI, clients see greater speed, agility, and innovation so they can increase security, deliver better experiences, and lower the total cost of ownership.

Cloud FinOps optimization tool

We help finance leaders understand cloud spend in a secure environment. We also measure cloud-related investments, manage underutilized services, and reduce oversized infrastructure to better control and optimize cloud spend.

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Genpact helps business leaders harness the power of cloud as part of their overarching digital transformation strategy. We're experts at rearchitecting complex environments and transforming critical functions – such as finance and accounting and supply chain – to drive business growth, world-class experiences, speed to value, and cost containment. Our holistic approach blends industry and process knowledge with artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and agile development to drive innovation.