We have been positioned as a leader by Aragon Research Globe in their 2021 Digital Business Platforms research report. The study recognizes our Genpact Cora platform, process orchestration, automation, analytics, data integration, and AI capabilities.

As a professional services firm, we use digital consulting services to rethink your enterprise. We can accelerate process automation, supercharge AI and analytics, and redesign experiences to deliver insights-as-a-service.

With digital transformation consulting that focuses on creating exceptional employee and customer experiences, we can increase your competitive edge. See how our digital consulting services can help your business thrive.

Most enterprises have a wealth of data at their fingertips but struggle to convert this data into insight. We will transform your data with AI based consulting so you can act on data-driven insights and win with data.


faster time to market


increase in efficiency


higher conversion

We have digital consulting services and products that fit your needs

While consulting firms can help companies navigate through technological changes, Genpact's Technology Consulting Team aims to deliver tangible business benefits through targeted, industry-specific offerings.

We enhance customer and employee experiences with digital transformation. We use agile methodologies to accelerate time to market. Our automation practices use design thinking to automate end-to-end processes. And our data scientists use AI business consulting to transform operations.

I want a practical roadmap for transformation

5 Products & Solutions

Transform customer journeys

Our experience strategy and design practice use digital transformation to deliver superb customer experiences across the front to back offices. Our approach fuses cross-functional teams, agile methodologies, design thinking, user experience principles, and smart technologies to transform customer journeys.

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Accelerate time to market

Our high-velocity engineering practice uses agile methodologies and engineering to combine technologies such as automation, analytics, and ambient computing to build purpose-built solutions for our customers. We give companies the ability to experiment, scale, and evolve rapidly, yielding faster rollouts of digital programs to get to market faster.

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Automate my end-to-end processes

Genpact's intelligent automation practice uses design thinking to scope and plan your automation roadmap. We'll examine your robotics potential and expected ROI underpinned by AI. Then, we'll help you set up a world-class center of excellence to successfully deploy automation at scale. We also assess any risks to deliver robust, secure programs.

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Turn GBS into an innovation center

Global business services (GBS) are evolving fast. Beyond simply managing transactional processes and focusing on cost reduction, turn your GBS into a center of excellence that supports transformation and brings innovation to your company.

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Reskill your workforce to amplify digital transformation

Genome, our learning platform, builds on the collective intelligence of your people by reskilling them in a highly collaborative, scalable, and efficient manner. Genome facilitates expertise sharing, discussion forums, and learning by doing. Think of it as learning-as-a-service for digital transformation to help your organization reskill at scale.

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I want to use our data for outcome-driven insights and AI

4 Products & Solutions

Make faster, better decisions to fuel innovation

Our data science practice combines our business and process knowledge with our expertise in computational methods to extract value from data. We also help clients make faster and better decisions, boost bottom line productivity, and fuel innovation to disrupt the way organizations do business.

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Increase the return on my data

Genpact's data engineering practice unlocks value from your data by architecting, governing, and orchestrating data ecosystems to empower analytics. We increase revenue and boost margins while managing costs and risks with architecture simplification, modernization, and governance.

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Build industry-specific business practices

Our data and insight practice helps businesses visualize their data efficiently and effectively to make faster decisions and take quick action. We help you uncover unexpected findings in a clear, easy-to-grasp way. By blending our tools, analytical skills, industry, and process expertise we turn data into actionable business insights.

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Create new business models

Our AI and machine learning practice uses AI to solve end-to-end business problems with natural language understanding, machine and deep learning, computer vision, and conversational AI interfaces. By linking people, process, and data, we enable clients to detect patterns, predict customer needs, and adapt to fluid business models.

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Find answers to your business needs.

Our deep industry and process expertise and our AI-based platform, Genpact Cora, make us so much more than an AI consulting firm. Working with Genpact, you'll see how we've helped companies across every industry digitally transform to achieve tangible and long-lasting business impact.