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Consumer packaged goods and retail

in the age of instinct

A global pandemic, changing consumer expectations, and sustainability concerns are redefining the consumer goods and retail landscape. We explore how CPG and retail companies must connect, predict, and adapt, using AI as their neural wiring to succeed in this changing world, as they shift from running supply chains to creating supply brains.

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The instinctive enterprise

To navigate these macrotrends, CPG and retail companies must become instinctive enterprises – next-generation businesses that connect, predict, and adapt at speed, placing data at their core and embedding AI throughout.

  • Connect

    Build connected ecosystems to break down siloes and embrace external partnerships.

  • Predict

    Generate predictive insights by harnessing volumes of data and adopting advanced technologies.

  • Adapt

    Nurture adaptive workforces of humans and machines aligned around a common purpose: the customer.