Genpact Contract Assistant

Use contract assistant to reduce costs and boost governance with AI that automatically matches contracts to invoices

Genpact Contract Assistant Highlights

  • 80
    improvement in process efficiency
  • 70
    less time spent on document processing
  • 5
    reduction in revenue leakage
  • AI-powered language skills

    Data extraction tool which uses natural language processing and generation to extract, analyze, and reconcile contracts, and validate them against invoices and other data.

  • Protect profit and plug revenue leaks

    Genpact's contract assistant flags discrepancies between contracts and actual billing, and tracks rebates and discounts.

  • Boost compliance

    With the effective monitoring of contractual obligations and rights.

Automated reconciliation

Automatic extraction and interpretation of key contract details, while extraction accuracy and completeness indicators monitor quality.

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Assisted learning

Automated bifurcation between identified and unidentified topics and a user interface that enables assisted learning for new and existing contract templates.

Dashboard and notifications

Dashboards can trace extracted information and can be configured to work with all contracts. They also allow custom search and real-time notifications.

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