Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) Management Services

Putting employees, customers, and partners at the heart of your digital transformation strategy
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At Rightpoint, a Genpact company, the customer journey transformation begins with advanced data and analytics. Using these insights, enterprises can digitally transform to put people first.

For every enterprise, attracting and retaining customers is essential. See how Envision Racing uses cx transformation to engage deeply with existing fans – and attract new ones.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains visible everywhere and has fundamentally changed customer behavior. Do you have the digital technologies you need for the future?

How do enterprises put customer experience transformation into practice? See how Garden of Life, a nutrition brand, modernized its direct-to-consumer digital channel using experience design principles.


Fortune 500 clients


market share increase for a leading bank


faster ROI through agile methodologies

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With expertise in all aspects of customer experience transformation, Genpact is uniquely positioned to help organizations transform customer experience - and the employee experience too. Whatever industry you're in, we can tailor our approach to find the best digital technologies that will help you create deeper connections with your employees, customers, and partners.

I want to digitally transform and deliver on customer promises

4 Products & Solutions

Customer experience transformation strategy

Strong customer relationships require a continuous evaluation of customer wants and needs against your organization's ability to deliver. With comprehensive research, analysis, scenario modeling, and concept creation, we'll find the right technologies for the job.

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Customer lifecycle management

We research, analyze, and define engagement strategies from initial awareness through to reengagement and customer advocacy. We'll show you how to connect data, insights, and technology to attract and retain customers.

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Digital experience

Enterprises are battling for market share against any brand anywhere that offers a better experience. For a people-first approach to transformation, you need a strategy that blends empathy and creativity with data and technology.

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Sales and service experience

From in-person customer interactions right through to the online experience, we reimagine and then deliver seamless and satisfying interactions at every customer touchpoint. The result? More sales and after-sales service revenues.

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I want to increase efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage

4 Products & Solutions

Employee experience vision

True experience-led transformation focuses on employees and customers because these internal and external experiences are intrinsically linked. We can help you reimagine the employee experience so your customers benefit too.

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Engaged employees

Your employees, customers, and partners are part of an interconnected ecosystem. We work with leading brands and use experience research principles to identify the highest-value interaction points that are critical to delivering exceptional experiences for everyone.

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Modern digital workplace

A digital workplace is where employees go to get the job done, learn, discover, and engage with your organization. We can design and implement a world-class digital workplace that empowers employee autonomy, accountability, and efficiency.

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Transformation management

We directly link the employee experience to the customer experience. We assess every interaction and process to ensure your organization can deliver memorable and impactful internal and external experiences.

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I want to create lasting impressions with every customer

4 Products & Solutions

Mobile commerce

We help companies develop commerce strategies, platform assessments, complex integrations, and analytics tracking. Plus, using our experience in mobile commerce, we can provide guidance and development for building commerce-enabled mobile apps.

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Digital commerce vision and strategy

Using customer journey mapping and value prioritization, we can connect your commerce vision and strategy to achieve overarching business objectives, enhance the customer journey transformation, and accelerate experience-led transformation.

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End-to-end experience design

We craft compelling, relevant, and connected user experiences rooted in the principles of human-centered design. We also look for integration opportunities to create more seamless experiences.

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Digital commerce technology

Mobile commerce is a core component of digital commerce. We can develop transformative mobile solutions that integrate with existing systems to enrich customer relationships, differentiate brands, and drive customer loyalty.

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I want to drive value for customers and find new ways to differentiate

6 Products & Solutions

Platform modernization

Our skilled teams can modernize customer-facing portals and platforms or develop new customizable and scalable solutions. We also seamlessly integrate emerging technologies such as conversational artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize experiences.

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​ Service design

Service design is a multidisciplinary approach that helps you reimagine new ways of working to achieve business objectives. It breaks down silos using customer and employee experience innovation to guide change from the front to back office.

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Line of business applications

From concept to design to engineering and right through to launch, we can develop applications that drive value for your organization and help solve your most critical business challenges.

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Custom applications and cloud

Have you harnessed the power of the cloud? We develop custom applications to assist organizations looking to enhance or migrate to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

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IoT-connected products

Staying connected is crucial in our digital world. We believe in the value of connected experiences and use the internet of things (IoT) to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

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Emerging technologies

From fully immersive virtual experiences to augmented experiences and everything in between, we can help your customers with simple queries or push the envelope of what's possible through innovative workflows and custom experiences.

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To succeed in the experience economy, organizations need to prioritize customer experience management services and customer experience transformation. They must enhance existing customer channels and create new ones that support one-to-one, relevant, and proactive communications, giving customers the personalized experience they demand. Ultimately, you need to get your customers, employees, and partners the service they expect and need when they need it.

Genpact is uniquely positioned to help organizations in every industry create world-class experiences with CX transformation. From whiteboard to rollout, Genpact is helping organizations embed customer experience across their operations. Our multidisciplinary teams lead with empathy, data, and creativity – backed by advanced digital technologies – always in pursuit of exceptional experiences.