Enterprise Performance Management Services

Transform reporting, improve planning and forecasting, and become a strategic business partner
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Redesign enterprise performance management services and improve insights and decision making with our finance knowledge, digital and EPM technologies, and analytics.

The CFO is well poised to become the enterprise data guardian. See how finance teams must play a larger role in data ownership and adopt five leading practices that can help companies build growth and agility.

Build a more robust FP&A function with digital and enterprise performance management tech that fuels decision making through times of uncertainty and growth.

We strengthen finance's role as an insight generator and help F&A functions become more customer-focused, predictive, and strategic.


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Our EPM solutions help you rationalize and automate reporting, unlock connected planning, and improve business performance management and forecasts so you can accelerate the data-to-insights-to-action journey.

Create an agile FP&A function

1 Product & Solution

​Organizational model design​

We help companies build resilience and improve the business performance management process. We turn FP&A teams into true business partners that provide timely, intelligent insights. Adopt advanced analytics, process automation, integrated business planning, and scalable operating models to become more agile, efficient, and forward-looking.

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Adopt EPM data and technology solutions to unlock business value

2 Products & Solutions

EPM data solutions

We create business value with a sound data strategy, architecture, and
governance. We design, implement, and manage your data ecosystems,
creating agility, stability, and speed for intelligent decision-making.

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EPM technology solutions

We help teams move away from on-premises technology and toward the cloud. In
addition to our suite of EPM technologies, we have strategic alliances with
leading technology players. Work with us to select, design, and roll out
EPM solutions and make your processes, technology, data, and people work
together in harmony.

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Improve enterprise performance analysis

2 Products & Solutions

Enterprise performance management consulting

We support FP&A teams with financial statements, business performance management process, variance analysis, customer retention analysis, and revenue analysis. We also analyze risk, deliver strategy management scorecards and tracking, and analyze key corporate initiatives. All of which provide insights that enable businesses to make better decisions.

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Cora Finance Analytics

Cora Finance Analytics is a holistic solution that provides finance professionals with actionable insights across the finance value chain. It helps finance professionals improve decision-making, backed by data science and advanced visualization.

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Optimize planning, budgeting, and forecasting

1 Product & Solution

Financial planning and forecasting services

As you make business plans we uncover potential risks and opportunities with predictive analytics, machine learning, and scenario modeling. Work with us for budgeting, rolling forecasts, revenue forecasting, long-range strategic planning, capital and workforce planning, and scenario planning for activities such as mergers and acquisitions.

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Streamline performance reporting

2 Products & Solutions

Management and statutory financial reporting

Our reporting services give you a clear business performance management process and help you focus on the areas that matter most. We provide financial consolidation, disclosure management, regulatory reporting, filing, management, and board reporting.

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Intelligent Reporting Assistant

Our AI-based solution gathers and analyzes structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources. It then uses computational linguistics and advanced analytics to provide timely business insights, and natural language generation to write commentaries. The result? Faster reporting and enhanced confidence in financial reports.

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