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Cora LiveSpread uses AI to deliver financial spreading automation for smarter credit decisions and more effective risk management.

Cora LiveSpread Highlights

  • 3
    out of 10 top global banks rely on it
  • 60
    faster lending cycle times
  • 100
    regulatory compliance
  • Financial spreading automation

    Cora LiveSpread provides a fast, consistent way to spread the numbers, automating the painstaking part of any financial spreading platform.

  • Dynamic risk calculation

    You need an automated financial spreading platform that can calculate financial risk. Use Cora LiveSpread for fully auditable insights and increased compliance with credit policies.

Easy document transfer

The Automated Receiver tool allows you and your customers to upload documents in any format through a custom web portal.

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Smart extraction and formatting

The Automated Extractor tool uses advanced document and image processing algorithms to import the numbers into the right format in a way that's easy to trace back to the source.

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Artificial intelligence for faster finance

Intelligent standardization with auditable insights

The Automated Normalizer tool uses machine learning and computational linguistics to normalize numbers and prepare them for analysis. It puts everything into the right template, and applies the right analytics models for each data type.

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Transforming how banks make credit decisions

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Cora LiveSpread is a breakthrough AI-based financial spreading tool that transforms financial spreading. It automatically reformats, and processes information from financial statements, without errors, and with up to 100% regulatory compliance.

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