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Orchestrating processes to make sweet business music

When people and machines work in harmony, every stakeholder wins

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In every industry, companies are investing in digital tools to speed up processes and improve the customer experience. Yet research has found that only a third of these firms see positive results from their efforts.

The problem lies not in the technologies themselves, but in the fact that the organizations are applying digital in fragmented front, middle, and back offices. That doesn’t work. The key to success — the right approach — is orchestration in the form of a single, end-to-end, Lean DigitalSM office. But just as any orchestra needs conductor to create sweet music, you need a digital business platform that brings new digital tools and people together.

This white paper covers the fundamentals of creating a successful Lean Digital office — one with a customer-first outlook, AI to harness unstructured data, and dynamic workflows to coordinate people and machines.

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Getting into the swing of things

In every industry, companies are investing in new technologies to digitize their processes for faster and more customer-friendly experiences. But research from Genpact and Harvard Business Review analytic services find that only about a third of them are seeing positive results.

In a sense, functional groups within enterprises are like groups of musicians who work together to produce a symphony. They need orchestration — and lacking a conductor, they can’t make digital work no matter how many robots they put in. When digital tools and people don’t coalesce, firms struggle to launch new solutions and projects at scale. Worse, revenue leaks, costs rise, compliance becomes an issue, and — worst of all — the customer experience suffers.

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