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We help our clients connect with their small-medium business customers to drive market share and revenue growth. Our SMB and sales academy offers advice and platform, product, and service support to serve SMB markets and provide a superior customer experience.

Our contract management and trade promotion solutions liberate sales teams to focus on growth and support seamless back-end operations, helping you earn more customers and grow your business. Read how we automated the end-to-end trade promotion process for a major North American CPG company.

Genpact's industry-leading revenue management capabilities are enabled by AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, cloud, and analytics. Analysts acknowledge our unparalleled expertise across end-to-end order to cash management.


reduction in cost to serve


leaked revenue recovery


increase in customer satisfaction

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Between 30-50% of revenue leakage is due to invalid deductions and claims across promotions, deal and allowances, order fulfillment, and billing. We improve the sales management process by plugging these leakages and recovering lost revenue.

I need to shrink revenue leaks across the lead-to-cash value chain

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Channel revenue optimization

Organizations spend 20–30% of revenue on sales through promotions, allowances, deals, and incentives. 5–10% of this revenue is lost as leakage. We optimize spend and cut leakage by up to 50% using analytics and digital-led solutions to identify root-cause issues, fix policies and processes, and support recovery.

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I want to boost sales force results

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Growth and sales enablement

Our unified operations increase clients' ability to focus on sales rather than the sales management process. we liberate front-end sales teams to focus on finding growth by tapping into new channels, investing in innovation, and understanding consumers and developing products with speed and agility.

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I need to answer customer inquiries faster and cut order errors

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Customer service

Provide a superior customer experience using cutting-edge digital and analytics-led solutions. Cora OrderAssist enables a 360° view of customer journey and personas with data-driven dashboards and optimizes the cost to serve.

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I need better digital commerce capabilities

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Connected Commerce

Our Connected Commerce offering enables the ultimate omnichannel experience. It helps brands achieve sustainable growth across offline and online channels by connecting data, experience, and technology, and enables brands to act on customer behavior and market dynamics in real time.

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