Solution Overview

Sweet music: How Cora SeQuence can orchestrate your business processes

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Genpact Cora SeQuence digitizes manual, paper-based business processes to help your team eliminate endless email and spreadsheet exchanges. It allocates cases and tasks to staff, systems, and robots for true orchestration. The result: work is more efficient, time to-market improves, and you can standardize your business processes company-wide.

Cora SeQuence provides a visual drag-and-drop canvas that people with basic skills can use to model, configure, run, monitor, and get the most out of end-to-end business processes. With predictive analytics capabilities and connectors for robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), Cora SeQuence helps digitize any business process in your enterprise. You can build business applications quickly to fill the gaps that systems of record such as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning don’t cover.


How Cora SeQuence can orchestrate your business processes

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