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Combining human judgment with AI-powered analytics

Identify and manage harmful content, keeping your users and reputation safe

Genpact has spent the past few years developing a deep understanding of changing user behavior and new abuse trends on platforms. We have built domain depth in the areas of user-generated content, fact-checking and news moderation, and spam and abuse prevention. This along with Lean and Six Sigma DNA helps us develop content moderation tools and reengineer clients' processes to drive efficiency gains and protect users by removing toxic content with 98%+ accuracy.


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Genpact named a Leader in content moderation services on Everest Group's PEAK Matrix®

Genpact has been named a Leader on the consulting and research firm Everest Group's Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® 2021. This assessment recognizes Genpact's vision, capability, and market impact as a trust and safety service provider.

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Keeping online communities safe

Moderating content during an infodemic

Now that many content moderators are working from home, firms must take extra measures to support them

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Put trust and safety at the heart of your business

See how Genpact combines AI with human judgment to safeguard people from harmful online content

Securing an environment free of hate speech for a tech giant

At a leading technology firm, Genpact improved content moderators' hate speech ratings to achieve 99% rating consistency

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Dedicated practice group

We created a dedicated practice group for content moderation services – a group of experts whose role is to build innovative solutions by leveraging the intersection of deep domain expertise, digital, and analytics to solve real-world problems for platforms that publish user-generated content.

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Minimizing abusive content on my platform

Content and platform policy compliance: As abusive content and fraud continue to cause major issues, we combine human expertise and digital technologies to monitor systems and apps to minimize threats. And our Global Content Moderation Center of Excellence provides incident response and recovery and digitally powered forensics.

Hosting compliant ads on my platform

Ad integrity and brand safety: Before ads are posted, we review and check that they comply with regulatory guidelines. By filtering out misleading ads, scams, clickbait, and deliberate false information, you will only host ads that meet your platform's policies.

Providing a safe user experience

Data labeling: Our high-quality data-labeling services help AI solutions learn faster and become more accurate as they identify and segregate content. We build insights frameworks to help technology companies develop products with safe user experiences.

Machine learning solutions

We find patterns across vast volumes of data, enabling accurate data labeling, content reviews, and fraud management.

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