Case Study

UK based retailer boosts online sales by 20% through improved customer experience and shopper analytics

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A UK based retailer

CPG and retail

Business need addressed:

  • End-to-end mobile solutions for in-store, online, and mobile shopping
  • State-of-the-art mobile applications to augment the shopping experience of consumers

Genpact solution:

  • Articulating the mobile strategy and roadmap
  • Implementing cross-platform approach for rapid and efficient app development
  • Testing for bugs and integration with third-party apps
  • Training and educating internal teams on mobile technologies and approaches

Business impact:

  • Increased revenues with 20% online sales through smartphones and 10% of sales from mobile website
  • Increased revenue potential with analytics on buying behavior (mCoupon) and integration of store credit card with other payment gateways

One of the world’s largest grocery and general merchandise retailers needed a mobility partner to enable end-to-end mobile solutions for their retail stores and build a mobile center of excellence (mCOE) within the organization. Genpact developed a state-of-the-art mobile platform, which improved customer experience by integrating the client’s offerings with payment gateways, loyalty programs, and mCoupons, thereby increasing revenue and enhancing brand image.

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Business challenge

Evolving retail landscape The widespread adoption of digital technologies in the retail sector is giving rise to a new age of informed and tech-savvy consumers, who use their smartphones to conduct thorough product research, check online reviews, and compare prices and features—particularly when it comes to big-ticket items— before making a buying decision.

This change in shopping behavior has made brick and mortar retailers look at innovative ideas and tools to engage customers. In such a scenario, mobile-led solutions, including smartphones, wearables, NFC, RFIDs, and smart-sensors give retailers the opportunity to provide personalized, contextual, and interactive shopping experiences to consumers.

Our client was looking at intelligent technologies to enhance both in-store and online shopping experiences, much as the rapidly changing mobility landscape is compelling retail CIOs everywhere to reconsider their overall IT strategy.

Challenges faced included:

  • Enabling a wider reach across multiple mobile platforms
  • Building a richer, more enjoyable, efficient, and personalized shopping experience for customers
  • Leveraging social aspects of a customer’s buying behavior to make personalized shopping recommendations
  • Adapting to the changes required in existing retail environments to cater to the above requirements

Genpact solution

Genpact helped the client outline their mobility vision and articulate the roadmap for architecting a suite of mobile applications, and provided guidance to the client’s internal teams on application development approaches, technologies, and make build vs. buy decisions.

Other services included:

  • Developing a proof-of-concept (PoC)
  • Mobile app architecture design
  • Application development and integration
  • Integrating in-store, online, mobile shopping, loyalty program, buying behavior (mCoupon), Grocery APIs, mPayments, location offers/alerts, and more
  • Application testing
  • Setting-up a mobile center of excellence (mCoE) and training employees on mCoE governance, policy setting, and technology deployments

The three solutions that Genpact helped the retailer develop include:

Groceries application
The Groceries application allows shoppers to add/remove products to/from their basket and book a delivery slot; it also provides checkout options. The application uses barcode scanning, voice search, or quick text search to more rapidly locate items.

Loyalty program application
The loyalty program application allows users to store loyalty information on their phone in the form of a scan-able barcode. The application can be used in place of a physical card at checkout in the retailer’s stores across the United Kingdom. Users can enter their loyalty card details into this application to create a barcode. This barcode can then be scanned at checkout. The application also comes available in Czech and Slovakian languages.

One application
The application is a hybrid application that uses native functionalities of the grocery and loyalty applications and other functionalities of a mobile web application. Users can navigate to these features from the application landing page.

Business impact

Genpact’s mobility solutions helped the client achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased revenues with 20% online sales through smartphones and 10% of sales from mobile website
  • Improved end-customer shopping experience by integrating in-store, online, and mobile shopping
  • Enhanced brand image with unparalleled user experiences aligned with security guidelines
  • Increased revenue potential with analytics on buying behavior (mCoupon) and integration of retailer’s credit card with other payment gateways (mPayment)
  • Transformed to a truly digital business with the launch of new products, such as movie-streaming, e-books, and a branded tablet device

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