Case Study

When insurers become protectors

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How is the instinctive enterprise transforming insurance?

In the moments following a car accident, there are many questions and concerns. Is my family safe? How bad is the damage? Will the repairs break the bank? Apprehension about the looming claims battle starts to creep in too.

The Instinctive Enterprise - turning insurers into protectors

But imagine an insurer that plays more than just a transactional role in its customers’ lives. One that transforms the claims experience – instantaneously turning customers’ questions into answers and concerns into solutions – while also safeguarding itself against unnecessary losses or costs. 

Using technology like computer vision, and accident data and images collected over years, combined with impact information from photos taken by your phone, and data from the car itself, the insurer can quickly estimate the extent of the damage.

How is the Instinctive Enterprise transforming insurance?

These predictive insights and its process expertise allow it to approve a claim in minutes – rather than days – with no need for an inspector. At the same time, the firm suggests where to go for repairs and sends out a replacement car.

This company is no longer just a policy contract. Instead, it is evolving into a trusted entity that protects you, your family, and belongings from harm.